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"There is no substitute for accurate Knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men"
Lee Iacocca




Manchete is the largest Portuguese information analysis and management company. We expertise in extracting knowledge from published and public information through a Media, Reputation and Intelligence three-party model.

Established in 1996, Manchete has now approximately 60 permanent analysts/researchers and over 250 clients. It incorporates the industry’s leading international associations and operates in the Portuguese and Angolan markets.

Manchete has developed the first online "Media Information Management" system - Mynetpress – operating in Portugal.

The work developed by Manchete is primarily based on the need to know what is written, by whom and what impact information and perception of any entity has on stakeholders (Reputation), identifying weak signals and interpreting them to anticipate trends and diagnose opportunities and threats (Intelligence).


  • 1997 - first web-based portal in the sector
  • 1998 - first online information database
  • 1999 - first online media measurement database
  • 2000
    • -first company to eliminate paper on clipping process
    • -new shareholder, Novabase Capital
  • 2001 - MediaZap channel (TvCabo)
  • 2002 - first WAP portal in the sector
  • 2003 - accession to FIBEP | Media based
  • 2004 - accession to SCIP | Intelligence based
  • 2006 - accession to AMEC | Reputation based
  • 2007
    • -setting up of Manchete Angola
    • -social web monitoring
    • -PRM platform | Public Relations Management
  • 2008 - new Mynetpress portal
  • 2009
    • -first company to develop Text Mining in Portuguese
    • -implementation of the first Voice2Text system in Portuguese
    • -partnership with LexisNexis, representing the company in the Portuguese market


  • Microsoft
  • UE Feder
  • Temis
  • Fundação Luso Espanhola