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"Perplexity is the beginning of Knowledge"
Kahlil Gibran




Manchete bases all intelligence, knowledge and information deployment and organization on its technology platform - netpress | KBP (Knowledge BasedPortal).

This collaborative platform, which has evolved to enrich information and transform it into knowledge with value added to its clients’ business, has integrated new technologies, which include indexing and search, administration, information sharing and distribution, and relationship management with the various stakeholders.

Netpress | KBP (Knowledge Based Portal) has a team dedicated to its continuing development that, via a permanent interaction process with clients, anticipates future needs and conceives the best practices in the sector. Netpress system is considered best international practice by several clients and is the toll used by more than two hundred companies to manage its information, to share it and to produce knowledge.


  • Microsoft
  • UE Feder
  • Temis
  • Fundação Luso Espanhola